Boating & Life Jackets

Boaters! Before Getting Underway:

 Always wear a life jacket.

Don't mix alcohol and boating.

Check the weather forecast.

Know your boat and the rules on the waterway.

Take a boating safety course.

Check your boat for all of the required safety equipment.

Avoid diving off your boat. Depth may be obstructed or too shallow. 

File a float plan with a family member stating where you are going, how to reach you, and when you will be back.

All adults and children should learn how to swim.

Passengers should not ride in the cabin while boat is underway.

Click the link below for more information on boating safety.


Photo courtesy of USCG.ORG

Drowning Prevention Coalition (DPC) Partners

Our partners include both public and private agencies in Miami-Dade county and across the nation.

All of our partners are committed to Water Safety.

Strategic Partners include: